LB-1103-1 Voltage protector
LB-1103-1 Voltage protector
* Technical Specification:
 1. Rated current: 15 A;
 2. Rated Voltage: 220 V;
 3. Delay time: 20sec or3 min;
 4. Load Power: 1000W-3500W;
 5. Material: PC/ABS;
 6. Size: 102*71*64mm
 7. Package: 1 pcs/box,100pcs/carton;
 8. Power  will be cut off automatically if: -voltage over 260V
                     -voltage under 170v
                     -frequency under 46HZ
* Mark: Customers can have your own requirements on the voltage, amps, delay time and the color of the protectors cover.